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    Boost sales by improving online conversions

    Imagine what a conversion uplift of 62% would mean for your ecommerce performance. Online conversion rates average around 2%.

    Reduce returns not profitability

    Clothing returns average 25%, costing you ridiculous sums however they are accounted. Fits.me reduces returns to boost profitability.

    Improve your customers’ experience

    Having to return anything means your customer didn’t get the brand experience you want them to have. Avoid disappointing your customers.

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    Overcome buyer hesitation

    Shoppers no longer hesitate for lack of confidence in the size they are buying, but have more confidence in their selection than ever before.

    Increase loyalty

    It’s all too easy to click to another brand’s store. But buying with confidence in their sizing helps turn first-time customers into repeat customers

    Reduce brand disappointment

    We don’t like it when we feel let down by people or organisations that we trust. Help your customers to feel good about you all the time.

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