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    Creating, maintaining and increasing shopper engagement encourages shoppers to stay, buy more and return in the future.

    In a physical store, the single most significant engagement milestone is reached when shoppers move into the fitting room:  customers who try on clothes convert at 67%*. Why would the fitting room not be a significant milestone online too?’s online fit solutions enable retailers to provide this shopper engagement mechanism online:
    - helping shoppers to overcome ‘buyer hesitation’ and convert more readily
    - helping shoppers to choose the right size far more frequently, reducing returns
    - increasing average order value
    - boosting customer satisfaction ratings so they come back to shop again

    *Source: Wall Street Journal

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    How do we know?

    Increased conversion rates
    Measurable, verifiable results show that conversion rates for Virtual Fitting Room users reach up to twice the rates for non-users.

    Reduced garment return rates
    Our best verified impact on garment return rates is to generate a reduction in fit-related returns of 77%

    Increased average order value
    Data show a 7% higher average basket value for shoppers using a Virtual Fitting Room compared to shoppers who choose not to.

    High customer satisfaction solutions enjoy a very high interaction-based Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 45% (range is -100 to +100). Highly satisfied customers – especially those who remind themselves that they’re satisfied – are more likely to return.


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