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Size is an arbitrary number, but a great fit is the key to unlocking a successful and rewarding shopping experience. Fits Me lets you offer smarter choices – moving shoppers from merely browsing to actually buying. That feel good experience is also what drives brand loyalty, keeping your shoppers coming back more often and buying more.

What we do

The Perfect Fit Recommendation

Fits Me provides your online shoppers with the confidence to buy, love and look great in your apparel. Our fit adviser recommends the perfect fit based on their style preference and body shape for a more personalised online experience.

Driven by Garment Technology

We achieve unrivalled accuracy through our unique fit algorithm that relies on years of garment expertise, combined with extensive research into body profiles and biometric data.

Providing Retail Intelligence

Fits Me provides online retailers with insight into their core customer’s body shape and size. This drives product development, improves customer profiling and reduces returns.

Built On Fit Origin

A collection of everything, including algorithms, data, and garment expertise. All the information needed to deliver that perfect fit.

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The value we deliver

Increased Conversions

Increased Conversions

We give your shopper the confidence in their style and fit choice to click “buy”. By eliminating the need for multiple size purchases and returns you not only make your shopper happy, but you also cut back the costly process of dealing with returns.

Increased Net Promoter Score

Increased Net Promoter Score

A great shopping experience makes for a loyal consumer. You can’t beat the thrill a first-time shopper will feel when their perfect-fitting garment arrives.

Increased Average Transaction Value

Increased Average Transaction Value

When a shopper is happy and confident that your clothes fit and flatter, they’ll buy more. Some great-fitting trousers will look even better with a matching top and scarf and maybe a coat…

Increased Life Time Value

Increased Life Time Value

Once consumers enjoy a great shopping experience with you, confidence is higher. More trust in your brand equals greater loyalty and more repeat purchases.

Decreased Returns

Decreased Returns

The incredibly accurate Fit Origin recommendations have brought retailers anything between a 20% – 70% drop in fit-based returns.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Increased Customer Loyalty

Imagine your shoppers only seeing sizes and stock relevant to them, in styles they want, and the fit they love. That’s what we offer. We deliver the first step to real personalization, bringing loyalty and trust in your brand.

How we do it

What our Retailers Say

“Fits Me removes the final genuine reason - fit - why our shoppers might choose to return clothes”

Henri Lloyd

What our Retailers Say

“We’ve had a total of 60% of customers who have benefited from solution to date.”

Thomas Pink

What your consumers will say

“It’s amazing, I’ve never had to return anything!”

Debbie Knowles — Wiggle Customer

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