Apply the science of fit to connect with your shoppers

Why fit?

Why fit? addresses one of apparel retail's biggest problem: how do you attract new customers and grow sales to existing customers when no two clothing brands fit the same and everyone's personal sense of fit is always subjective? leverages data and technology to match shoppers with clothes that are right for them, across any channel.

A better shopping experience

Give your shoppers a better, more complete shopping experience: put their personal profile and fit preferences at the centre of it. Make shopping with you more enjoyable and give shoppers confidence in every purchase.

The most personal of personalization

Engage customers in a more meaningful way through personalization: power your marketing CRM with our rich stream of unique customer fit data to create and nurture lasting, long-term, dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships.

Harness your own, first-hand insights

Power your evolution into a customer-centric business: apply a single set of customer data and insights, acquired first-hand from your actual customer-base, to develop products and operations with your customer at the center.

How we do it

How we do it

Our expertise in fit science, acquired through six years of research into millions of fit and measurement profiles and garment characteristics, has enabled us to develop algorithms that match each shopper to garments that fit them the way they love.

The platform efficiently collects and analyses your garment details, including measurements, design intentions, grading rules and stretch factors. The tools that do this are scaled to work with thousands of retailers and millions of garments.

Our range of shopper fit-profiling solutions capture previously unknown customer data, including measurements and fit preferences. The platform then matches shoppers to garments that are right for them.

The resulting dynamic dataset enhances your existing personalization and marketing strategy, while our pioneering analytical expertise enables us to deliver value right across your business in the form of actionable insights.

Unique proļ¬les, at scale

Height, bust, waist and all other important measurements known. Are you designing/ buying for her?
Buys a relaxed fit blouse for social wear, but nicely fitted for work.
Discerning: if the fit looks like a compromise, she passes.
Likes jeans skinny, but trousers are always a relaxed fit. How do you market to her?
Likes her jackets to have a well-tailored fit.
Tries on but doesn’t buy dresses from you. Insight suggests she’s between sizes.
Age: known exactly – is she what you believe is your typical customer?

& many more...



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Fits me for you?

…for apparel retailers and brands which aim to build outstanding, individualized experiences based on their customers’ physical attributes and preferences

...for apparel retailers and brands which understand that focusing on what is most important to their shoppers will yield benefits right across their business, not just at the point of sale address many of the business-critical challenges facing the senior executives of the world’s leading multichannel apparel retailers and brands