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Rhone appoints Fits Me to minimise customer returns

News By Matt Harris, September 5, 2016

RHONE_LogoFits Me, the fit preference specialist, has been appointed by premium men’s activewear brand Rhone, to reduce customer returns and benchmark the business as a standard for exceptional customer experience.

The Connecticut, U.S. based start-up, whose product line is intended for active men between 25 and 50 years of age, will utilise Fits Me’s fitting engine across its online product range and ecommerce offering to empower customers to purchase activewear that fits.

As part of the partnership, Rhone will have the ability to engage with their customers and develop a rich understanding of individual preference, only offering them the products most suited to their lifestyle and performance needs.

This improved purchase journey, provided by Fits Me, provides an exceptional customer experience by building consumer confidence that the products will be the right fit for them, and also helps reduce garment returns, which can be a burden for online retailers.

Adam Bridegan, VP Digital, Rhone said:

“Rhone is a rapidly growing business, which is constantly looking to innovate and transform the way customers search and purchase clothes online. Our partnership with Fits Me will play an integral role in our ambitious growth plans, and allow us to honour our commitment to provide an exceptional purchase journey for all of our customers. Fit is a fundamental part of choosing clothes, especially activewear, so we are delighted to be working with Fits Me to ensure it is a fundamental aspect of Rhone’s offering and customer experience.”

Stuart Simms, CEO of Fits Me adds:

“Helping brands understand how their customers want to wear clothes is a key part of our business. If customers feel the garments they are wearing fit them properly, they are going to exude confidence. They are also going to have a far greater confidence in the brand they purchased from, and greater faith in that store’s ability to deliver highly relevant future recommendations. Our partnership with Rhone will see fit as a core service, embedded at the heart of the online purchase journey, and support the company’s growth plans through fewer missed opportunities to sell, improved conversion rates and exceptional customer service.”

Author: Matt Harris

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