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Whitepaper: The Power of the Perfect Fit

Whitepaper | Personalisation By Matt Harris, November 3, 2016

Shoppers’ perceptions of customer experience, personalisation aWhitepaper_Perfect_Fitnd loyalty have evolved. Our new whitepaper, Knowing Them, Knowing You, uses garment technology to provide invaluable insight into these trends. Here are a few stats we thought may surprise you:

– 78% of customers want personalised fit from fashion e-commerce, yet half struggle to find the clothes they need online

– 88% of customers get frustrated online

– 67% of fashion shoppers report annoyance at time wasted searching for what they need online

– 34% of customers would be happy to share their measurements for a bespoke shopping experience

It has never been more important for retailers to understand the changing landscape of customer expectations.

To discover more about what customers are thinking and the opportunities it can bring to your business, download the whitepaper by filling out the form here.


Author: Matt Harris

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