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Our knowledge helps your knowledge. By understanding your consumers’ choices and fit profiles, you can better tailor shopping experiences to them making their time with you personal, relevant and something they’ll want to do again.

Garment Technology

We have a team of dedicated specialists – “garment technologists,” experts in different fields that are all important in understanding fit: pattern making, fabrics, fabric technology, and designing to name a few.

Garment technologists work with designers and manufacturers to ensure the overall quality and appeal of products produced by brands. Besides working with the garments on their own, they are involved in the testing process, working with the test subjects on how they feel as well as evaluating fit.

Fit Engineering

Working with the University of Tartu, we have created shape-shifting mannequins simulating thousands of different body shapes based on actual body measurements.
We’ve also taken a large volume of body scans and distilled them into a “quick entry” formula allowing us to gain a general understanding of a shopper’s body shape using three data points: age, weight and height.

Retail Intelligence

We interact with shoppers to further understand their body shape and how they like to wear their clothes. We use information such as: body shape, fit preference, purchase history, and returns data.

We are immersed in retail — from what sells, what’s trendy, body shapes, inventory, size challenges, you name it, we study everything from how fabric moves, to what fashion bloggers are talking about.

Fuelled by the scale of Rakuten Ichiba

300 million products listed on the Rakuten Marketplace

105 million shoppers globally

44,000 merchants spanning Asia, U.S. and Europe

Fits Me By The Numbers

25 M+

Unique shopper profiles


Garments photographed


Man-hours spent on robot development


Garments tested on people

Science, data and fashion, all working together to create a fun and personalised shopping experience.

Our Team

With nearly a century of experience between them and varied backgrounds from fashion to finance to tech, our team works together to ensure Fits Me understands every aspect of your business.

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A collection of everything, including algorithms, data, and garment expertise.
All the information needed to deliver that perfect fit.

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