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Fit Origin is the basic building block of the fit recommendation suite of products and services. Its composite parts allow for a deep understanding of shopper’s body shape and how each garment will fit them, the way they want to wear it.

Product Features

Shopper Data Entry

Each shopper’s measurements are calculated based on height, weight, age and body shape. Deep statistical analysis of thousands of detailed body scans allows our data scientists to use these limited data points to infer high quality information about the shopper’s measurements.

Fit Algorithm

Every garment is analyzed by our garment technologists, taking many factors into account including silhouette, stretch and fit preference. A shopper’s body measurements are used in conjunction with garment measurements to interpret how each size will fit a shopper.

Fit Recommendation

Most shoppers do not fit perfectly into a size, choosing the right garment is a series of compromises. Fit Origin helps the shopper decide which compromises are the right ones for them, achieving the best fit possible.

Other Retailers That Love Fits Me

Thomas Pink

Known for its fit and tailoring of the garments, it’s imperative that the clothes fit the wearer in the best way possible and that they feel confident at all times. Keen to improve the way its customers search and discover the garments most relevant to their needs, the company turned to Fits Me to solve this issue.

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Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd wanted to make its customers’ search for items more personal and efficient. The British company looked to to offer a solution to help them achieve this more personalized and customer-centric approach.

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