Fit Advisor

Fit Advisor is a size recommendation solution. It takes into account how a shopper wants to wear a particular garment and uses the same algorithms as our other online fit solution to recommend the size of that garment that fits best.

The solution uses garment measurements provided by the retailer. To simplify provision of those measurements, we have developed sophisticated algorithms that mean we only need the dimensions for one size of the garment plus the grading chart/scaling rules.

Fit Advisor is the ideal online fit solution for:

  • retailers with wide, shallow stock, which may sell out, unreplaced, in a matter of days. This often means Fit Advisor is ideal for multi-brand retailers.
  • lower-body garments such as trousers.


Fit Advisor and the Virtual Fitting Room may be deployed together.  For example, the Virtual Fitting Room may be employed for garments or types of garments that shoppers for which shoppers really need to see the fit to make a buying decision, with Fit Advisor employed for other garments and garment types.

Try Fit Advisor here.

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