The Virtual Fitting Room

The Virtual Fitting Room delivers the world’s premium online fitting room experience. A picture has long been worth a thousand words, making the Virtual Fitting Room the clear choice for any retailer determined to give its shoppers the very best fit information.

The Virtual Fitting Room is the online incarnation of the physical fitting room experience and delivers the highest possible level of shopper engagement. It is the only solution that reflects, mirror-like, a photographic image back to the shopper showing exactly what a garment will look like on them.


The solution suggests and shows the garment size that is the closest match to the shopper’s measurements, and enables the shopper to ‘scroll’ up and down sizes until he or she identifies the size that fits them correctly (the way they prefer it).

Augmenting the images, the solution displays warning indicators with explanations indicating where a garment may be too tight, too loose, too long or too short – just as a shop assistant would do in a bricks-and-mortar store.

The latest version – version 7 – even helps shoppers to choose accurately when garments are offered with multiple sleeve length options.

The Virtual Fitting Room and Fit Advisor may be deployed together. For example, the Virtual Fitting Room may be employed for garments or types of garments for which shoppers really need to see the fit to make a buying decision, with Fit Advisor employed for other garments and garment types.

Try the Virtual Fitting Room here.

Download Virtual Fitting Room 7 datasheet

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