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Fits Me’s acquisition by Rakuten

News By James Gambrell, July 13, 2015

RakutenToday is a great day: for Fits Me, for its team, for our clients, for the consumer and, of course, for Rakuten. Our acquisition, announced today, means that everyone in the apparel retail ecosystem is a step closer – no, several steps closer – to seeing the vision on which was built become reality.

That vision, which has evolved over the last five years along with technology and the retail environment, has always been about changing the way that people shop for clothes. Our acquisition by Rakuten is an indication of the progress we have made to date, and of our potential to keep doing so.

What we do, and what we have always done, is ground-breaking: remains the only provider of solutions that capture shopper measurements and fit preference insight, the key that enables retailers to create authentic “segments-of-one”.

Rest assured that, having outgrown the description ‘start-up’, our development work will accelerate, and our capabilities and presence will broaden. Rakuten’s expertise in massive scalability ensures there will be no limits to the number of retailers to which we can bring the benefits of fit preference data and insight as personalization sweeps the world of apparel retail.

The first phase of Fits Me’s evolution is over. The new phase will be just as exciting as the first and we look forward to having a huge, positive impact on the shopping experiences of the most important audience of all: the shoppers on which we all rely.

Author: James Gambrell

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