Personalisation: where everybody knows your fit -

Personalisation: where everybody knows your fit

Personalisation By Joe Poole, March 21, 2017

“I’ll have the usual!”

A saying once only confined to the pub, can we achieve this level of personalisation in fashion? I think we can, and here’s why…

While personalisation exists as the norm in an online world, mostly in the form of advertising, what about the world of size and fit? As a millennial (just) my attention span is reported to be miniscule – shorter than a Goldfish apparently. Do I really have the patience to choose my clothes size only to realise too late that I’m not a retailer’s ideal body shape?

Starbucks (I know, coffee but bear with me) go some way to try and personalise your coffee by giving you the opportunity to order a Grande soya mochaccino frappe, two thirds foam one third vanilla chai. They even occasionally put your name on the cup, but still, the personalisation here is down to the barista – who are famous for getting it wrong.


(Image: Forbes)

When you look at personalisation in fashion stores, it can be more about projection than assistance. Many shop assistants will tell you that you look amazing in those trousers, just because the trend is in right now and they happen to be their favourite. Next thing you know, you’ve walked out with a pair of skinny jeans, a sequined leather jacket and a fur shrug. But nothing fits perfectly! Your jeans perform a vasectomy every time you wear them and you end up feeling embarrassed, but it’s ok because the cashier said these jeans are ‘lit!’

Tom Ford once said “Dressing well is a form of good manners” But how does one achieve a Tom Ford-esque tailored fit if I don’t have a Savile Row shop on speed dial?

At Fits Me, we believe there is no substitute for clothes that fit like a glove.

Our garment technologists help us to understand a whole range of clothing and fabrics beyond what many people can comprehend. Our analysis of over 25 million unique shopper profiles, processing more than 350,000 garments and verified results on over 35,000 live shopper test cases means we can accurately recommend garments which enable shoppers to get the right size, the first time. Clothes that fit you as they should.

Taking size out of the retail equation and allowing customers to feel good in their clothes again is what makes a consumer loyal to a brand. It’s this kind of personalisation that keeps them coming back, and ordering more each time.

True personalisation is strolling into Starbucks, the cashier greeting me with a smile and saying “your orange mocha-frappaccino will be with you in a moment Mr Poole” Similarly, when I walk into a high street fashion store I want someone to welcome me and point me in the direction of the skinny jeans. The jeans they KNOW will fit me. What size? …I’ll have the usual.


Discover more about the power of the perfect fit in our whitepaper, ‘Knowing Them, Knowing You’.

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Author: Joe Poole

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