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Why TOPSHOP needs to offer more than just jeans in half-sizes

News, Customer experience, Ecommerce By Rebecca Smith, March 7, 2018

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You may have read in the news recently that TOPSHOP has introduced half-sizes for jeans as part of their new denim campaign. For this, we take our fashion hats off to them, as of course we strongly believe that everyone deserves to have the perfect fit.

Sadly, however, this won’t be enough, and here’s why

Even with half-sizes available, will this actually make it easier for online shoppers to know which jeans will fit them best? Or will it do the opposite and make it harder to choose? A greater variety of sizes to choose from doesn’t necessarily give shoppers more confidence to purchase, but can often cause confusion – particularly with first time buyers.

Without trying garments on before purchasing, the same problem remains with a lot of online shoppers. How will I know if it will actually fit?


Image taken from TOPSHOP. Their jeans half-sizes are available in W25, W27, W29 and W31 in their Jamie, Joni, Mom, Straight, Jamie Flare and crop styles. TOPSHOP do not currently offer a ‘plus size’ range.


Of course, shoppers can look at the (often outdated and somewhat confusing) size charts, however they don’t prove to be very popular, with only 14% of shoppers stating that they find them ‘very helpful’. Research has also revealed that 72% of shoppers would be more likely to purchase if retailers offered an online size and fit recommendation tool.

A good online fit recommendation engine takes both the garment data and shopper biometric / body shape data to provide the most accurate size and fit recommendation without having to try the garment on.



This is exactly the type of tool and strategy retailers should be adopting to give first time shoppers the confidence to purchase and a reason to keep coming back.

As we said, it’s great that TOPSHOP are taking measures to accommodate more shoppers, and the ‘Jeans Fit Guide’ campaign is a step in the right direction to make the somewhat unenviable task of shopping for jeans enjoyable. But, why not go the whole hog and give your customers exactly what they are looking for: the right fit, first time (and every time after that).  Give us a call TOPSHOP, we got you!





Author: Rebecca Smith

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