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Our GDPR ready product suite

Ecommerce By Myriam Hokayem, May 10, 2018

Here’s how we have updated our product suite to be GDPR compliant and ensure that our customers are ready for what’s coming their way.

In the last few years, there has been an accelerated expansion of new technologies in the fields of cloud computing, IoT, geo-localization, genetic data processing just to name a few. All of which produce data at an incredible rate. Whilst technological evolution is inevitable and definitely valuable in the grand scheme of things, it comes as no surprise that some people might feel it’s going too far – and they are concerned about how this use of data impacts their privacy. Some people feel they have no control over the data they share and have limited to no knowledge on what they are getting in return. Therefore, the personal data protection law had to be updated, making consumers more aware of information they are sharing, requiring their consent in a very clear and formal way.

According to the CIGI   survey on internet security and trust (2017), 49% of the polled people said that the main reason for not shopping online is due to the shoppers’ lack of trust. At Rakuten Fits Me, we have made changes to our product suite to be GDPR compliant; increasing transparency with your customers on use of their personal information, whilst helping them find the right fit. This transparency about how and why you are using their data will surely help you earn their trust and increase their confidence in shopping, which in return, increases their loyalty to you. By explaining clearly how their data is used and a good reason for processing it, shoppers will be less reluctant to share their information with you. Offering them a personalized shopping experience where only available garments that fit them are shown is a great incentive for them to share their data – as their consumer experience will be greatly enhanced. They won’t waste their time browsing items that don’t fit.

In our recent blog post “3 ways retailers can turn GDPR into a competitive advantage” we outlined how to use privacy by design to build consumer trust. At Rakuten Fits Me, we wanted to make sure that data protection is a priority for our business and have made some changes to the customer experience designs  to enhance privacy protection for you and your customers.


New Users of our Shopper-Facing Products: Fit Origin & Fit Match


When shoppers arrive to your website and use the “Find your fit” button for the first time, they land on the Fit Origin entry screen with blank fields. After filling it with their data, they have the option to opt in to save their details for future visits – by switching on the “Save your details for future visits” toggle.  By default, this toggle is unchecked – giving your shoppers complete freedom to decide whether they’d like their data saved or not.

If the shopper opts in, their inputted data will be saved to a cookie and next time they use Fit Origin or Fit Match, they won’t need to re-enter their info saving them valuable time. Fit Match is the ultimate search tool from Fits Me and uses the same data entry as Fit Origin to help shoppers browse only clothes that fits their individual body shape.

If they do not opt in, no cookie will be placed and the shopper will be treated as a new user next time they use the Rakuten Fits Me products. If, however they opt in, their data will be saved to a cookie.


Returning users of Fit Origin & Fit Match

Shoppers who have opted in to the cookie will land directly on the recommendation page when they revisit your site. If they want to opt-out of the cookie at any point, they can click on the “Update your details” and simply switch off the “Save your details for future visits” toggle.  In this case, we will delete the pre-existing cookies and the shopper will be treated as a new visitor next time they use the tool.



If the on-page-recommendation feature is enabled, the shopper will see a fit recommendation on the product page directly. They have the same ability as above to update their details and switch off the toggle.



As shoppers are expecting more personalisation from their retailers whilst being more reluctant in sharing their data, it might seem challenging and difficult for some retailers to please them.  However, we at Rakuten Fits Me build our tools with the garment technology in mind relying on minimal information from the shopper but maximum personalisation in order to enhance the overall consumer .

For more information on how we are ensuring all our tools are GDPR compliant or to book a demo with one of our fashion eCommerce consultants – get in contact here.

Author: Myriam Hokayem

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