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Blog, Retail 30th May 2018

Top 10 Industry Trends and Which Retailers Are Excelling

Tamsin Tilley

Discover the top 10 industry trends and which retailers are smashing it online in 2018.

Blog, Ecommerce 10th May 2018

Our GDPR ready product suite

Myriam Hokayem

Here’s a look at how Rakuten Fits Me have updated our product suite to be GDPR compliant.

Blog, Ecommerce 2nd May 2018

Try before you buy? Questions retailers should ask themselve...

Rebecca Smith

Are you thinking of adding ‘try before you buy’ to your eCommerce offering? Here are the questions you should ask yourself first…

Blog, Events 1st May 2018

Key takeaways from Drapers Digital Festival 2018

Kyran O'neill

Want to know what went down at one of the biggest events on the retail calendar? Here are our key takeaways from the event:

Why TOPSHOP needs to offer more than just jeans in half-size...

Rebecca Smith

Even with half-sizes available, will this actually make it easier for online shoppers to know which jeans will fit them best?

Blog, Personalisation, Ecommerce 7th March 2018

3 ways retailers can turn GDPR into a competitive advantage

Caroline Hughes

GDPR is the biggest overhaul in data protection law in twenty years and the new gold standard for data privacy worldwide

Blog 14th February 2018

eCommerce and Garment Technology - A love story

Joe Poole

“Of all the fitting rooms in all the towns in all the world she had to walk into mine”

Blog, Customer experience, Ecommerce 9th February 2018

5 ways retailers can optimise product pages to improve CX

Martin Semm

Are you doing everything you can to ensure your online shoppers are converting? Our UX expert reveals the best way to turn browsers into buyers.

Blog, Returns 19th January 2018

Many Happy Returns?

Emily Walker

While consumers take the flexibility of returns for granted, what does it mean for retailers and what can eCommerce managers do about it?

Blog, Ecommerce 10th January 2018

Why eCommerce companies need partnerships

Alexandra Wood

A look at why eCommerce and technology companies work best together

Blog, Returns 19th December 2017

eCommerce Returns: Is Black Friday becoming Back Friday?

Juliette Aiken

How retailers are using size and fit tech to combat returns and amplify seasonal sales

Blog, Returns 30th November 2017

Are you ready for the holiday returns season?

Rebecca Smith

Return processes are often costly in resource terms, and negatively impact on a retailer’s bottom line – as well as having significant environmental impact.

Blog, News, Retail tech, Innovation 30th November 2017

CNBC visits Rakuten for a glimpse of the future of retail

Rebecca Smith

Rakuten was invited to be part of CNBC’s “IOT- Powering the digital economy,” a sp…

Blog, Innovation 30th November 2017

How e-commerce giants are using AI and marketing

Rebecca Smith

How eCommerce leaders like eBay, Rakuten, Flipkart and ASOS are utilising AI to power improved product search and automated customer service.

Blog, News, Innovation 1st November 2017

Rakuten Fits Me on BBC World News

Rebecca Smith

Rakuten Fits Me CTO Mike Kimberley was invited to the BBC World News studio to discuss our latest innovation Fit Match.

Blog, News, Interview 14th November 2017

Alexandra Shulman: ‘Why size isn’t fit’

Rebecca Smith

‘Buying clothes is an exercise in experimentation, and quite often overly time consuming, and frequently frustrating…’

Blog, News 9th November 2017

Hot off the press: Rakuten Fits Me celebrates the release of...

Rebecca Smith

Alexandra Shulman, ex Chief Editor of British Vogue, talks at the Fit Match press launch held at the Tate Modern. Find out what she had to say…

Blog, Ecommerce 31st October 2017

How size and fit tech helps overcome eCommerce nightmares

Rebecca Smith

Creepy low conversions, alarming high returns and shockingly low online revenue… no retailer wants to experience any of these online horrors.

Blog, News 31st October 2017

Fit or miss? Retailers offer new tools to help shoppers

Rebecca Smith

“If they have the confidence to buy, they will come back to the retailer time and time again.”

Blog, Consumers, Retail, Returns 25th October 2017

The Fight against Holiday Returns

Rebecca Smith

How Clothing & Apparel Retailers Prepare for the 2017 Holiday Selling Season.

Resources, News, Blog, News 27th September 2017

Rakuten Fits Me Launches Retail Industry's First Sizing Sear...

Rebecca Smith

Allowing Consumers to Shop and Purchase with Greater Confidence and Satisfaction.

News 11th July 2017

Rakuten Fits Me responds to fashion crisis

Rebecca Smith

Free fit recommendation tool means all shoppers will now be able to find their perfect fit online.

Blog, Retail, Customer loyalty 11th August 2017

Rakuten Fits Me talk inconsistent sizing at MODA

Rebecca Smith

Rakuten Fits Me consultant and diversity advocate Emma Hayes discusses inconsistency vs diversity of women’s clothing sizes at MODA.

Blog, Personalisation, Innovation 10th August 2017

Tommy Hilfiger on technologies changing the face of fashion

Rebecca Smith

Discover how an international brand like Tommy Hilfiger stays ahead of the competition through tech innovation, data management, and personalization.

Resources, News, Blog, News 30th June 2017

Fits Me Rebrands to Rakuten Fits Me

Rebecca Smith

Fits Me officially rebrands as ‘Rakuten Fits Me’ to further empower the online shopper and help strengthen the Rakuten eco-system and global platform.

Blog, Returns 10th May 2017

The Cost of the Serial Returner

Emily Walker

2016 was the first year that consumers made more purchases online than offline and this trend is amplified in the fashion industry

Mango Communications Director on personalising its digital m...

Rebecca Smith

Guillermo Corominas, Communications Director at Mango, discusses personalising the user experience and staying ahead of the competition.

Personalisation is driving business and is what consumers ex...

Rebecca Smith

Stephanie Horton, Farfetch CMO, sits with Rakuten Fits Me and Hot Topics to discuss the shape of the online fashion landscape and how it is set to have personal…

Blog, Personalisation, Interview, Retail 30th March 2017

Joule' Chief Customer Officer on tech-driven customer discov...

Rebecca Smith

Lysa Hardy sits with Rakuten Fits Me and Hot Topics to discuss the marriage of the human and the machine in the future of personalisation within fashion retail.

Blog, Personalisation 21st March 2017

Personalisation: where everybody knows your fit

Joe Poole

“I’ll have the usual!” A saying once only confined to the pub, can we achieve this level of personalisation in fashion? I think we can, and here’s why

Blog, Personalisation, Interview, Retail 6th March 2017

JD Williams' Head of Digital on fashion retail's personalise...

Rebecca Smith

Few companies encapsulate the marriage of old and new as neatly as JD Williams

Blog, Retail, Events, Innovation 11th November 2016

Getting #FitForTheFuture with Drapers Fashion Forum

Matt Harris

The Fits Me team attended and sponsored the Drapers Fashion Forum held in London last month. The day was full of debate, strategy and idea’s that have the pow…

Blog, Fashtech 25th January 2017

FashTech 2017: Six Predictions

Juliette Aiken

In 2017, personalisation will be key: from the online shopping experienc to smart fitting rooms and data driven marketing.

Blog, Garment tech, Fashtech, Retail tech 25th January 2017

A new wave of garment technologists

Rebecca Smith

Traditionally, garment technologists are creative and fashion-led, responsible for preparing sample products and bulk production processes. However, there’s n…

Blog, Customer experience, Innovation 20th April 2016

Bewildered by emerging customer experience tech?

Matt Harris

Nowadays, you can’t go an hour without receiving a handful of emails about the next big digital channel or development in the market, and how you should be us…

Blog, Customer experience 13th April 2016

How can transforming UX drive revenues and conversions?

Matt Harris

If customers have a positive experience with a brand they are naturally going to think of them more favourably. Whilst we are all too aware that this is the cas…

Blog, Consumers, Retail 6th April 2016

Four reasons why a customer centric approach is key to build...

Jonathan Carney

The importance of the customer is increasingly becoming a hot topic at board level. In the past 18 months we have seen a number of big brands including high str…

Blog, Personalisation 30th March 2016

Unlocking the power of personalisation

Jonathan Carney

Personalisation is unequivocally big business. In fact brands that deploy personalisation strategies typically experience huge returns on their investment. Miss…

Blog, Returns 23rd March 2016

How to minimise returns

Jonathan Carney

Evidence suggests that the online shopping market is set to grow to across the UK, US, China and Germany by 2018. Overall 92% of the UK population now shop onl…

Blog, Fashtech, Innovation 4th May 2016

The importance of innovation on- and offline

Matt Harris

In celebration of Drapers Digital Forum which took place last Thursday ahead of their annual Drapers Digital Awards, we look at the importance of innovation and…

Blog, Customer experience, Retail 16th March 2016

There is no such thing as an omnichannel shopper

Jonathan Carney

The term omnichannel is increasingly being banded around in the marketing ecosystem and consistently heralded as the number one strategy that brands and retaile…

Blog, Retail, Events 9th March 2016

What you may have missed from London Fashion Week

Sandra Sooläte

As with all fashion weeks that take place around the world, the most frustrating thing for viewers is the fact they have to wait for two seasons to be able to p…

Blog, Retail 2nd March 2016

Why should fast fashion focus on fit? Analysis on the specif...

Jonathan Carney

The term fast fashion is often used to describe how designs move from the catwalk to the high-street quickly in a bid to capture particular fashion trends whils…

Blog, Customer loyalty 24th February 2016

Is a lack of an app killing your customer relationship?

Jonathan Carney

Barely five years ago, it was thought impossible to sell clothing online successfully. How wrong that has proved. In that time, not only have we seen that the o…

Blog, Interview, Retail 3rd December 2015

Interview: Stuart Simms, Fits Me CEO, with Essential Retail

Matt Harris

Speaking to's CEO, Stuart Simms, he tells Essential eCommerce that his retail clients are seeing benefits including customer loyalty, retention, re…

Blog, Retail, Customer loyalty 2nd December 2015

Marks & Spencer tops UK ‘Customer Loyalty Index’

Matt Harris

Marks & Spencer [M&S] has topped a poll to find out to which clothing brand or retailer UK shoppers are most loyal.  The high-street stalwart received …

Blog, Retail, Events 27th November 2015

Black Friday: not all spontaneity and madness

Matt Harris

So, the Big Day is here: Black Friday. The newspapers are full of expectation of people clambering over each other to reach a £20 coffee-maker before someone …

Blog, News 13th July 2015

Fits Me's acquisition by Rakuten

James Gambrell

Today is a great day: for, for its team, for our clients, for the consumer and, of course, for Rakuten. Our acquisition, announced today, means that eve…

Blog, Customer experience, Ecommerce 15th December 2014

Online shoppers go elsewhere if basic information is missing...

Matt Harris

This story came to our attention earlier this week: a survey suggests 42% of UK shoppers will turn to a competitor if basic information is not readily available…