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Best-in-class size &
fit recommendation
performance reports
Fits Me user interface
100 products per month
Learn from tool-tips & user guides
1 domain & 1 language
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Added insights and unlimited garments

Best-in-class size &
fit recommendation
Essential reports & dynamic country/region dashboard
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1 domain & 5 languages
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A customised solution for maximum control
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Best-in-class size &
fit recommendation
Essential reports, geo dashboard, shopper engagement & body data reports
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Unlimited products
Dedicated account manager support
3 domains & multi-language
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Mix & Match with Add-ons

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Edition is best for you, add-ons are available.  You can choose to add extra benefits to any package, like more insights or customisation. There are six add-on options available. For enterprise packages, please contact us.

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Fit origin in action


Fit Origin is the ultimate fit recommendation service for online fashion retailers. No measuring or complicated profiles, shoppers simply enter their height, weight, age and select one of three generated body shapes that looks most like them. They are then advised on the best size to buy and how it will fit them. This is proven to reduce fit related returns and provides retailers with body profile insights to drive product development.

What our shoppers say


“Really enjoyed the fit guide on the product page as I was trying to determine between a size medium or large shirt. Very helpful.”

John C.

What our clients say


“As an apparel brand everything comes down to and is interconnected with fit, from product development to return rates.”

Adam Bridegan, RHONE

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