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Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Edition is best for you, add-ons are available.  You can choose to add extra benefits to any package, like more insights or configuration. There are six add-on options available. For enterprise packages, please contact us. Just get in touch and we'll be happy to provide further information.

The perfect fit recommendation

The perfect fit recommendation

With no measuring or complicated profiles to enter, shoppers simply provide their height, age, weight and select one of the calculated body shapes that looks most like them. This then suggests the best size to buy based on their shape and shows them how it will fit against their body. This approach has been proven to reduce fit-based returns, drive conversions and increase order values.

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What our shoppers say

What our shoppers say

“Really enjoyed the fit guide on the product page as I was trying to determine between a size medium or large shirt. Very helpful.”

John C.

What our clients say

What our clients say

“As an apparel brand everything comes down to and is interconnected with fit, from product development to return rates.”

Adam Bridegan, RHONE

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