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The ultimate fashtech product suite

We believe everyone deserves the perfect fit, first time. Rakuten Fits Me’s product suite is geared towards supporting shoppers in their search for the perfect fit. Endless searching through items that don't fit and interpreting complicated size charts are now a thing of the past.

  • Fit Origin
    Fit Origin

    Fit Origin is the core recommendation engine driven by body data and garment data. Choose Fit Origin for product page support or combine with Fit Match for the search filter.

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  • Fashion IQ
    Fashion IQ

    Get shopper insight and track performance from the Fashion IQ dashboards. Optimise product development.

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  • Fit Match
    Fit Match

    Fit Match is the ultimate search tool for online retailers. Allow your shoppers to filter by fit and browse only items that are in-stock and will fit their unique body shape.

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