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Bewildered by emerging customer experience tech?

Nowadays, you can’t go an hour without receiving a handful of emails about the next big digital channel or development in the market, and how you should be using it to enhance the experience a customer receives when interacting with your brand.


Unlocking the power of personalisation

Personalisation is unequivocally big business. In fact brands that deploy personalisation strategies typically experience huge returns on their investment. Miss…

Jonathan Carney, 30th March 2016

Four reasons why a customer centric approach is key to build...

The importance of the customer is increasingly becoming a hot topic at board level. In the past 18 months we have seen a number of big brands including high str…

Jonathan Carney, 6th April 2016

There is no such thing as an omnichannel shopper

The term omnichannel is increasingly being banded around in the marketing ecosystem and consistently heralded as the number one strategy that brands and retaile…

Jonathan Carney, 16th March 2016


Gift Buying: A Battle of the Sexes

Would you trust your significant other to buy an outfit for you?

Rebecca Smith , 10th February 2017

Webinar: Body Shapes, Measurements and Preferences

Getting it right online is more important than ever. Returns cost UK retailers £60bn a year, £20bn of which is generated by items bought online. Discover why …

Rebecca Smith , 9th February 2017

The Average Woman Will Change Sizes 31 Times in Her Life

Key size-gain spikes in life are having kids, moving in with a partner and the first years of marriage – while major size-drops occur pre-wedding, after the l…

Rebecca Smith , 7th February 2017

Whitepaper: 5 Reasons Size isn’t Fit

Consumers want the right fit, first time, every time. Yet 83% regard shopping online as a gamble with six out of ten now exploring different sizes when deciding…

Matt Harris , 25th January 2017

Getting #FitForTheFuture with Drapers Fashion Forum

The Fits Me team attended and sponsored the Drapers Fashion Forum held in London last month. The day was full of debate, strategy and idea’s that have the pow…

Matt Harris , 11th November 2016

FashTech 2017: Six Predictions

In 2017, personalisation will be key: from the online shopping experienc to smart fitting rooms and data driven marketing.

Juliette Aiken , 25th January 2017

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