Case Study: MUD Jeans - Rakuten Fits Me


How MUD Jeans reduced returns by 38.3%

Founded in 2012 by Bert van Son, MUD Jeans is a brand on a mission. The MUD way of thinking recognises that the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world and looks to offer shoppers a way of consuming guilt-free.

Returns 101

Returns 101

Most retailers are interested in reducing their returns as a way of keeping down cost. Estimating the cost of a return can be a difficult feat. Obvious factors include the time cost of the collection and warehousing cost. Most retailers also recognise the opportunity cost incurred when a return is made, in between seasons for example, when the item has to go into sale, or even landfill.

Finally, there is the loyalty cost. 80% of shoppers wouldn’t shop again if they returned their first order. And that’s if they can be bothered to return the item in the first place. In the words of MUD: “ We don’t want you to keep unworn jeans in your wardrobe ” (at Rakuten Fits Me we call these hidden returns).

Discover how MUD Jeans used fit recommendation technology to reduce their returns and help the environment in the process.

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